Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank you....

"dear alex,
update!! so this year chesley and sasha picked me to be the assistant fusion cord meaning next year i will officially be a fusion coordinator!!!Yay moving up from special cultural committee!! But anyway today someone said that i reminded them of you when I was talking and it really meant a lot to me for someone to say that. I didnt get to tell you this at your going away party but thank you so much for just being the person that you are because you more than anyone have inspired me in so many ways possible, it crazy to think how powerful words can really be. And taking all the lessons and words of wisdom that you've given to 220 and really applying it to a life outside of dance,i can honestly say you've help me become a better person.Thank you for breaking the mold of "pretty good" and thank you for everything that you've taught us Alex. Have fun in japan those kids have no idea whats coming!! LETS GOO!!"

Thank you sooooo much for the words Jayna

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