Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seoul, Korea. February 2012.

In February, we had a 3-day weekend.  A few friends and I decided to hop on over to Seoul and see what it was all about.  It was a fun-filled weekend.

For some reason, my copy of the video would not upload so we have to settle for the YouTube version. 

And the Beat Goes On...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another First Time

The journey continues...

This first time here has not only been a teaching experience, but it has been by far more of a learning experience.  

I taught kids for the first time.  And because the school year is now ending (In Japan, the educational year starts in April and finishes in Feb/March), I have to say goodbye to my classes.  Watching them grow for an entire year has been fulfilling.  There have been times where it has tested my patience, but in the end, I'm going to miss those kids.  It has been a privilege.

One unique thing about this job is that I get to teach kids of all ages, every single week.  Imagine having to teach kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and high school every week, sometimes on the same day.  It can be challenging at times.  Yet, it has been the most rewarding.  It has given me the opportunity to work and learn with other human beings, no matter what age.

I have learned that to be a great teacher, you have to do everything you can to make sure that your kids are successful.  And if you want your students to be successful, you have to constantly decipher where your kids' heads are and teach them according to that understanding.

Here's some of them:

My favorite class.  The 4-5 year olds.

The 6-7 year olds.


The 8-9 year olds.

The smart, bashful one.

The smart, charismatic one.

The boys.

And here's Yui, the spirited one.

And for desert.
Here's a video of Karen and I climbing Mt. Fuji last summer.
Best sunrise I have ever seen.

And the Beat Goes On...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kinkakuji, Kyoto, Japan

Today was a good day.  It was a solo mission called Operation Kinkakuji.

Let me say, this place is beyond stunning.

Peaceful as soon as you walk in.

 The pond is called Kyoko-chi, which means Mirror Pond.  

 The Golden Pavilion.  Serenity. 

Mission complete.

Yep, today was a good day.

And the Beat Goes On...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I want to try this

I haven't been the best at writing here, so I will write on here once a week. 

I want to keep track of what it is to be in Japan.  I love this place.  It has been good to me.  Today , I woke up early for the first time in a good while.  I was given a wonderful opportunity to meet a new class.  I came home and had a pleasant conversation with Karen.  I went to work, got a 6-hour pay for working two hours, and met with a group of teachers for dinner and karaoke.  Another good Thursday night. 
I'm in Japan.  I love this place.  It's the way I feel.

Japan, thank you.  You taught me the value of teamwork.  You taught me the meaning of public harmony.  You taught me simplicity.  You taught me how to read.  You gave the me desire to read.  You taught me service.  You taught me discipline.  You gave me music.  You gave me more memories.  You taught me about cuisine.  You taught me work ethic.   

You taught me how to love a lady.  She's there for me.  I want to be there for her.